99 App in the International Day Against Homophobia

We made a lot of people happy going to 99app office and showing our magic stuff for them. In 3 seconds, we applied diferent digital tattoos designs on employees' skins. All of them was showing their support to the cause. Say no to homophobia!

  • 99 APP
  • May 17th, 2019
brochure image
brochure image
brochure image
More than 700 tattoos done in a day of Digital Tattoo on 99APP office. Success Guaranteed! 100% acceptance from the first tattoo.

Brazil registers one death due to homophobia every 16 hours. It's with that horrible fact the LGBT community has to wake up every day and face their fears. To show them a little of benevolence, 99APP was showing their power to the people and in the International Day Against Homophobia, did with us, a day in the office with hundreds of digital tattoos!

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