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About our Magic Stuff

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands!
We are committed to our customers’ success from start to finish. Our input helps make their solutions.

From beginning to end, our commitment is finish the event with success! From the first to the last client, we always want serve the best doing our magic happens!

Delivering the best of digital age + tattoos!
The mixing between hi-tech from digital age with amazing tattoos!
Get inkspired and discover a incredible world of uncountableopportunities.
Our approach

Serve well to serve always, like we want. That's our motto! Searching for the best for our clients and looking for the best from desired result.

Our Mission

Let all the people know that tattoo doesn't need to have pain and spend hours and hours in a study, we do the same, but only in 3 secs, and painless.

It's water resistant, but soap washable! Digitattoo solution uses ink made from cosmetic ingredients. 3 day duration without rubbing. Awesome, isn't it?
A lot! We can organize a library with some artworks made just for you (or from you), and your costumers can choose what they prefer.
Please note that all cosmetics can, on rare occasions, cause allergic reactions. Participant with skin allergies or sensitive skin should either not participate, request an ingredient list, or have performed a patch test at the beginning of the event. Any skin condition should be reported by the Participant to organizator prior to application. Organizator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to offer our Digitattoo service, including but without limitation, to any person who appears unwell or with medical conditions such as, but not limited to, psoriasis, open wounds, broken skin, or other skin infections, headlice etc.
We suggest that Participant(s) with following conditions refrain from participating in the Tattoo Service:

- are pregnant or lactating;
- have mental or physical disability;
- have used skin ointment containing steroid for 1month or more for skin disease treatment;
- have sensitive or hypersensitive skin;
- have atopic or infectious skin diseases;
- have skin symptoms such as mold, acnes, erythema, or hemotelangiosis;
- have had dermatological procedure or treatment within last 6 months;
- have irritations or allergies on cosmetics, quasi-drugs, or daily sunlight.